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What is roku activation procedure?

Roku streaming player is the best streaming player available in the market. Don't judge the Roku streaming player with its size. You can watch 100,000 plus movies and tv episodes on Roku streaming player. There are more than 3000 channels available on the Roku. It will be friendly to set up all sorts of people. To watch your favorite shows and channels with perfect picture quality, it is best to prefer Roku. Roku supports HD,4K, or HDR so you can enjoy your streaming experience with it.If you got attracted to the Roku streaming player, wish to buy and activate roku. Surf to the www.roku.com/link and activate your device. Or else read this blog and get the complete Roku setup guide.

How do I add the channels to my Roku?

There are thousands of channels available on the Roku. They are classifieds into free channels and the paid channel. To activate the free channels, only the Roku account is enough. But to talk about the paid channels, you need to process for the payment steps.

Activate Roku Free channels

Sign in to your roku account on the Roku device. Open the channel store, and search for the needed channel on the search tab. Once you get the search result, download the channel. After the download open the channel and start to sign in the channel.

If this is done, you will get the roku activation code on the screen. Visit the channel page and enter the channel activation code. If it prompts you to create the channel account, then proceed with the onscreen instructions. As this is the free channel, so you don’t need to get panic about the payment processing.

Activate Roku Free channels

As like free channel, the paid channel also needs the Roku account. Search for the channel on the channel store. Once you get the channel result, then select the add channel option. After the channel download sign in and get the activation code on the screen of the Roku

Browse to the channel site and enter the code. If it prompts to enter the tv provider credentials proceed with the steps. As this is the paid channels, it may ask to complete the payment steps. So work on the onscreen instruction and add the channel to the Roku. After completing the steps, refresh the home page and check that your channel is added to the list.